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'Pub Quiz' - What's that?

The Pub Quiz is something of an institution in the UK and a much-loved and common component of the British pub scene, and has spread to other countries as well.
Read more about its history at the History of the Pub Quiz.

How does it work?

You show up at your favourite watering hole with a few friends, in our case at the 'Zum Wilden Mann'.
You have a few drinks and try to answer questions that make Trivial Pursuit seem anything but …
The winning team gets some free beer, or very occasionally, a voucher they can exchange for beer at a later date or some other special prize.
It is very simple. Smile

OK, fine - Where and when?

The GEA has its Pub Quiz from October till May at the 'Zum Wilden Mann', Anzinger Str. 40, 81671 München (about 300m walk from U-Bahn Karl-Preis-Platz; there's also lots of parking).
For the dates see our Events Calendar.
Be there by 7:00pm to join a team for the quiz, which starts a few moments later.
Our Quizmaster is Malcolm Phillips, call 0176 700 50 768 for details or see Malcom's Website.

But I've never done that before Confused

If you don't feel confident, get some tips at The Big Pub Quiz Toolbox
— or at Ready-Made Pub Quiz
— or go to Madrid for a free training — Madrid Pub Quiz Website.


Cheat scandal!

Recently, this much loved institution is imperilled, as smartphone lovers are using information services to cheat.

Smartphones are ruining the great British pub quiz.
Pub quizzes are more popular than ever, but thanks to phones with instant internet access, so is cheating.

There are services on the Internet to provide the answers, but our Quizmaster Malcolm most certainly would not like you to search the 'net for the answers to his questions. frown
But as a training beforehand the sites mentioned above might always help you to get fitter. hint