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we are pleased to welcome you to the Home Page of the GEA - the German-English Association in Munich / Germany.

We are an open, international group with a variety of professions, no membership fees, age no issue, run by volunteers since 1982.

Our group has a unique two-fold offer full of interesting social and cultural activities:

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Good Bye Renate Koszka †

Info / - 18/04/2023 - 11:32

Good Bye Renate Koszka †
This is a WhatsApp message which we received from Renate's sister Angela.

This came as quite some shock to us. So many of us have known Renate as organizer of mountain hikes suitable for the very fit ones of our GEA group. Many of us will miss her smiling face, her constant good mood and those walks which were so much appreciated.

She was a person who watched out for her health, and now she left us by far too early in her young life. Rumour has it that she was seriously ill, but did not have to suffer for tall that long. Renate will remain in our hearts.

Our deep sympathy to her family, especially her mother.

Programme Team on behalf of the GEA
Ute Becker, Jim Burgess, Harald Cramer

Another sad loss - Elena Morales †

Info / - 19/03/2023 - 12:15

Another sad loss - Elena Morales †
This is Elena Morales, our friend and member from Spain, as we mostly knew here from our walks. She came along on mountain hikes, bike rides, also participated in '5 Pictures' and many other cultural events.
When in April a year ago, she was told she had cancer, she had so much will power to overcome this. Then unexpectedly before receiving a new type of treatment she closed her eyes for good right after her sister who lives in Stuttgart had arrived. That was January 31st.
Funeral services had been planned for March 9th at the Ostfriedhof, a confirmation about exact time and place could not be obtained. Ostfriedhof is near her home, where she took many walks to regain her strength and feed her body with oxygen, the one thing she could do herself to fight this battle. There were benches where she could rest.
As a personal friend, I surely can say that she will be missed immensely. The bucket list included things which we meant to do together.
Our wholehearted sympathy goes to her parents who live in Spain and her sister with family.
On behalf of all members
Ute Becker - GEA Prgramme Team

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