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The GEA Events Calendar Help Page

Here are some tips for the usage of the GEA Events Calendar.

The buttons at the upper right allow to chose between a "Week", "Month" or "Agenda" (event list) view.
Calendar selection
The drop arrow to the right of the "Agenda" button allows to choose which of the calendars "GEA (one-time) Events", "Regular Events", "German Holidays" are displayed.
Events listing
In the combined view the one-time events are listed in red letters, the regular events in blue text on white background. Whole day (i.e. 24 hours) events are listed with white text on coloured background.
The German Holidays are listed as whole day events with white text on red background.
Event details
To see the event details left-click on an event.
The details give you:
· the date and time of the event ("When")
· the location or venue ("Where")
· any further information ("Description")
Start / End time
The start and end times are given if known. In case only a start time is given, the end time entered will be identical so that no wrong duration is given.
Hence identical start and end times mean "from…".
Location/venue map
In the event details there is a "(map)" link showing you the location in a new Google Maps window.
BUT CAREFUL: This depends on the address details given by the event organiser. Incomplete or inexact address - wrong map!
The Programme Team will try to amend incomplete addresses, but we can't guarantee this.
When no exact "postal" address is known, the "Where" field might list the geographic longitude and latitude of the location to exactly show it on the map, but in that case the "Description" will give you details how to get there or point you to the organiser's contact details.
Left-clicking on the little icon labelled "Print" allows to print the current chosen calendar view. A new "Print" window will be opened with a preview of the print-out at the top and some options below.
Left-clicking on the "Print" bottom at the bottom will result in a PDF file that you can download and save on your computer and print out if you like. This does not require the installation of a PDF-creating software on your PC.
No "Print" button visible in the print window!
In case of a screen with a small vertical resolution (e.g. on a netbook) the bottom part of the print window might be invisible. To get to see it, click somewhere in that window, then navigate through all the option using the tab key. That will also reveal the bottom part of the window with the "Print" button.
(The set size of the print window and the absence of a vertical scroll bar are hard-coded by Google and cannot be influenced by us.)
Printing Options
Of these options "Print Attendees", "Print Your Response", and "Display events that you have declined" have no effect here, the others should be self-explaining.
When printing an Events list ("Agenda") the Print Range will always start with "Today" and unfortunately does not offer others than the shown options.
This too is hard-coded by Google and cannot be influenced by us.
Other questions?
The calendar used here is a standard Google Calendar. You might get more support from the Google Calendar help pages or the respective forums.
For further information please write to .