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Another Farewell

Info / - 06/07/2024 - 14:28

Another Farewell
John Culp †
(aka Idaho Johnny)
*26.02.44 – †11.04.24

We all know him from the many events that John participated in, such as the sportive ones, like bike rides and hikes or joining in dinner parties. He also loved music, poetry, and opera and was fond of the many organ recitals in the various churches.

We truly will miss him, his smile and pleasant positive personality, always so cheerful.

Sadly, we did not know how ill he was and eventually lost his fight against cancer already on April 11th not long after his 80th birthday in February.

When the official funeral took place we do not know. Also we did not learn about the memorial service in his neighbourhood which was held on June 30th. It was still early enough for Maggie to join and represent us, the GEA, but too late for some others to join as well since she too had just found out.

Dear John, in recent years we were not much in contact but the long term membership in our club with the many events bring back such beautiful memories. We were fortunate to have had you in our midst. Thank you. Rest in Peace!

Our deep sympathy also goes to John’s wife and family.

On behalf of all GEA members
Ute Becker – Jim Burgess – Harald Cramer
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