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Pub Quiz

What is it?

The Pub Quiz is something of an institution in the UK and a much-loved and common component of the British pub scene, and has spread to other countries as well.
Read more about its history at the Brainstormer Pub Quiz® Website.

How does it work?

You show up at your favourite watering hole with a few friends, in our case at the downstairs bar at the Rechthaler Hof.
You have a few drinks and try to answer questions that make Trivial Pursuit seem anything but …
The winning team gets some free beer, or very occassionally, a voucher they can exchange for beer at a later date.
It is very simple. Smile

But I've never done that before Confused

If you don't feel confident, get some tips at the Brainstormer Pub Quiz® Website
– or go to Madrid for a free training – online will do.

OK, fine - Where and when?

The Pub Quiz is held at Zum Wilden Mann, Anzinger Str. 40, 81671 München.
For the dates see our Events Calendar.
Be there by 7:00pm to join a team for the quiz, which starts a few moments later.
Our Quizmaster is Malcolm Phillips, call 1306 0450 or mail for details or see Malcolm's Website.


Cheat scandal!

Recently, this much loved institution is imperiled, as mobile phone lovers are using text information services to cheat.
There are services like Pub Quiz Help on the Internet to provide the answers via WAP (at the same time, all their answers are on their website too, but our Quizmaster Malcolm most certainly would not like you to unfold your notebook and search the 'net for the answers to his questions. frown
But as a training beforehand that site might always help you to get fitter. hint

Malcolm Phillips

Our Quizmaster explains:

Malcolm Essentially, the participants or 'punters' are grouped into teams of six.
These teams answer questions read out by the Quiz Master.
The questions are delivered in 'rounds', each of which relates to a different subject.
For example, there could be a round on history, another on geography, and so on.
Answers are entered on a sheet, which is handed in after each round for marking.
In addition, a number of 'spot' questions are delivered. This way, individuals, rather than teams, can win money.
Quiz Nights provide an excellent way of bringing both strangers and colleagues together.
They are also a useful, enjoyable, and interesting way of assisting students of English.